Cornish border could be protected

Posted on: 7th August 2012

Commenting on the statement by his Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Rt. Hon Nick Clegg MP, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, welcomed the news that, as a result of the fallout from the dropping of Lords reform, the prospect of a creating a Parliamentary constituency straddling the Cornish border was much reduced.

Mr Clegg has vowed that Liberal Democrat MPs will vote against the Parliamentary Order which is necessary to allow the changes to Parliamentary constituencies before the next General Election. This would mean that elections would be fought on the existing Parliamentary boundaries in 2015.

Mr George said, “Although this is only a temporary reprieve for the integrity of the Cornish border, it is welcome news nevertheless. The Conservatives were wrong to insist that the Cornish border could not be protected in its pursuit for uniform Parliamentary constituencies. I hope all Cornish MPs will vote against the Parliamentary Order when it comes to the Commons next year.

“The next job will be to change the legislation to give the Boundary Commission the duty to respect the integrity of the Cornish/English border when settling future parliamentary constituency boundaries,” said Mr George.

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