Conservatives congratulated for finally admitting their policies have granted multi-million tax-dodge to wealthy second homers

Posted on: 26th June 2018

Prospective Liberal Democrat MP, Andrew George has welcomed signs that Conservatives now admit that their policies have been granting an “industrial-scale tax-dodge” for thousands of wealthy second homers.

Mr George said, “Of course it’s embarrassing for the Conservatives. But we should at least congratulate them for finally admitting that their policies represent a shocking tax loop-hole which costs tax payers hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

“Throughout recent decades they’ve rewarded wealthy second homers with industrial scale tax loop-holes and penalised poor council house tenants with things like the bedroom tax.

“So I’m pleased to see they’ve finally woken up to my campaign to put a stop to the legal but shocking staggering levels of tax avoidance by second home owners.

“It’s time the Government adopted the policy I’ve been campaigning for for decades – ie introducing a new law which distinguishes between primary residences and secondary and investment homes (which are not otherwise used for permanent occupation through private letting etc). they may talk about doubling council tax on second homes but they won’t be able to do that until second homes are have a legal definition.”

Mr George successfully led the campaign (1996-2001) to scrap the 50% council tax discount for second homes introduced by the Conservatives. He has been a consistent campaigner for housing justice.

For example see the news release posted elsewhere on this site from 2014 warning then of the tax loop-hole.

The Conservatives denied this was happening. However, we never gave up. Adding pressure in recent months. The Conservatives are only now waking up to this. So let’s congratulate them for that. Though let’s see some action. We haven’t won this one yet…