Conservatives more concerned with how they look than in how our NHS is struggling under their mishandled supervision…

Posted on: 24th April 2018

So Jeremy Hunt has written to just fellow Conservative MPs to ask what he should do to make him and his Party look less bad. This after all of those years of distain towards and mismanagement of our NHS.

Jeremy Hunt wants to drape himself in an NHS which is a thousand times more popular than him. He wants the 70th birthday celebrations on 5th July this year to reflect well on him and his Party.

But there’s an irony. If it was left to the Tories, we would never have had an NHS. Because they campaigned and voted against it back then. We’ve also seen many of their chief policy makers describe our NHS as a ‘mistake’. Other Tories have private hopes that it can be privatised. So when the mask slips, we see what they really think.

It would be the height of hypocrisy if the Conservatives got away with presenting themselves as the saviours of the NHS, when they’ve done so much to undermine it.