Conservative MP should have an honest debate about breaking treaty obligations

Posted on: 19th October 2020

It’s time the local Conservative MP apologised and came out of his bunker to face an open public debate of his conduct and voting record.

I’ve been accused by one of Conservative MP’s local Conservative Party campaign managers of likening his Conservative Government with Nazi Germany.

The confected outrage was no doubt dreamt up to distract attention from the fact that the Conservatives are about to pass an Act which would give the Government the right to blatantly ignore Treaty obligations it signed up to just months ago. This brings shame on this country. Former Conservative PM, John Major said, “As we negotiate new trade treaties, how do we salvage credibility as “global Britain” if we so blatantly disregard our commitments the moment we sign them?” 

A month ago I posted a comment which was published with my local newspaper column. It pointed out that there were few precedents for such flagrant disregard for law. Amongst others was the Enabling Act in 1933 in Germany. So, by implication it is a dangerous precedent. This point has been made by others, including Tory Lords in a debate in the House of Lords just last night ( The reference to such dangerous precedents should be taken as an appropriate warning and which should encourage those who voted this through to reflect and learn.

However, it’s a big jump to conflate my reasonable comment and warning to suggest I’m “comparing the governing party to a totalitarian regime which was responsible for calculated genocide of millions of people”. But then the local MP’s record for comprehension of such important distinctions is not good – after all he infamously declared that the Lizard has “a fantastic National Park” after visiting a National Nature Reserve there and confidently pronounced that type 1 diabetes is “completely avoidable” after attending a diabetes awareness event!

The facts are that every single living former Conservative PM has joined the large chorus of those who have expressed alarm at the Conservative’s disreputable behaviour.

However, now is the time for the local MP to stop dispatching junior staff to do his bidding; to come out of his bunker, to debate with me, apologise and explain.

Here’s link to the Cornwall Live article: