EDM | Competitive Tendering Of Probation Work

Posted on: 18th July 2011

Andrew George MP has signed EDM2086. Motion reads: “That this House notes that the Ministry of Justice intend to put all probation work out to competitive tender; believes that prior privatisations in the probation sector have been unsuccessful; further notes that the privatisation of bail beds to the private company ClearSprings was revoked in 2010 after complaints from members of the public; further notes that the majority of offenders on probation programmes have multiple health problems, issues with drugs and alcohol and suffer from low literacy and numeracy rates; further believes that they are extremely difficult to monitor and that their supervisors need to be trained, experienced and dedicated staff; further believes that selling off probation work to the lowest bidder for profit will lower standards and that public protection will be compromised; and calls on the Government to re-examine its proposals for competitive tendering of probation work.”