More community hospital beds – not less

Posted on: 8th October 2013

Commenting on news of cancelled operations at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, local MP, Andrew George, is calling upon health chiefs to think again and reverse the removal of community hospital beds and the closure of Poltair Hospital.

Mr George warned about the consequences of plans to cut hospital beds when a new company, Peninsula Community Health, took over community hospitals and services nearly two years ago. Plans to permanently close Poltair Hospital near Penzance and reductions in community hospital beds elsewhere are putting intolerable pressure on the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust which now finds that it often has between 30 and 60 patients who, though ready, cannot be discharged because there is no step down community bed available.

Mr George said: “We’re all listening out for the deafening sound of pennies dropping!
“Even if local people accept that Poltair Hospital is beyond renovation, it is clear that, with a growing elderly population with more complex health needs, we need more rather than fewer community hospital beds. Especially as many patients still have health needs and are not in a state to be discharged directly to their homes. Otherwise the pressure will intensify and more operations will be cancelled.”




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