Comment on Duchy of Cornwall Private Members Bill

Posted on: 1st April 2014

The MP for the West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly constituency of St Ives, Andrew George, has been asked to comment on Labour Lord (Tony) Berkeley’s Private Members Bill on the Duchy of Cornwall – which would strip the Duchy of its “Crown” status.

When Mr George first heard about the Labour Lord’s proposal he wrote to him but has not yet received any reply.

Mr George said: “Clearly, as a ‘commoner’ I understand that their Lordships don’t always feel it appropriate to deign to consult the democratically elected representatives in the House of Commons. It would be easier to comment if he were to consult those who are elected to represent the people of the Duchy rather than simply putting out news releases.

“I’m not sure that he has fully thought through the consequences of what he is proposing. Those of us who promote the distinctiveness of Cornwall recognise the value and potential of the Duchy of Cornwall.

“Although I am the first to argue that the Duchy should make far greater efforts to be more transparent and accountable, Lord Berkeley’s proposals appear to be prompted for the purpose of settling a score rather than advancing the interests of the local people.”

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