Column 26th Feb 2024

Posted on: 26th February 2024

• News from Goonhilly is literally out of this world!
Giant steps in space science.

This week we celebrate yet more success; playing a critical part in another moon landing – Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 mission, which landed at the Moon’s South Pole.
It was an honour to return there again recently, and a privilege to work with GES Ltd when I was the MP, as they established themselves at this former BT radio telecommunications Earth Station. Founders – Ian Jones and Piran Trezise – have kept in touch with regular updates on their phenomenal progress.

GES Ltd CEO, Ian Jones, said:
It was very helpful to be able to discuss the issues facing the space sector in general and Goonhilly in particular with Andrew. During his previous tenure as our MP he was instrumental in helping us get through our start-up phase. Now that we are well established as one of the key companies in the UK space sector, it’s important that all our politicians understand the complex international factors to which the UK Government needs to respond if we are to have an industry that can move on from world class innovation to world class delivery.”

We had to overcome almost overwhelming scepticism (and some hostility). But look at it now! Building a global reputation in a very competitive market. Their success brings success to Cornwall. It’s especially pleasing to see that local young space science apprentices are playing an essential part in building this success and preparing the ground for more job opportunities in the strong and growing sector of satellite communications and deep space research.

If re-elected, I will fight to make sure Goonhilly and our science sector get the support they deserve to thrive and grow.

• More good news. Thousands are flocking to sign up to our campaign to back frontline staff, support patient care and restore our NHS.
Our NHS is in crisis. A new emergency ward of 20+ emergency ambulances has been parked – almost permanently – outside our main hospital. Unthinkable a decade ago.
We’ve already had 4,000 sign our petition for 24/7 emergency cover at Penzance hospital’s UTC. We can win this. Please add your name

• Last week was another depressing example of the House of Commons at its worst.
While women and children are killed in their tens of thousands by one of the most powerful militaries on the planet, MPs in Westminster engage in game-playing; craftily designed motions, and semantics, not to help those who desperately need help, but calculated to wrong-foot their political foes.

Rather than admit they’re motivated by cynical malevolence, they then bully the Speaker to become the fall-guy. Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker) will take encouragement when he notes the names of those MPs who’ve hatched a no-confidence motion against him – a group of opportunistic desperados who’re evidently unaware they’ve pointed the finger of guilt at themselves.

Gazans deserve immediate peace, and urgent humanitarian support. Only then will there be a serious chance of hostage releases, both Israeli and Palestinian.