Coalition Consultation Meeting in Mullion on Friday at 7.30pm

Posted on: 15th June 2011

Andrew George MP Question and Answers Mullion on Friday 7.30pmLocal MP, Andrew George, is to hold the next in his series of meetings to consult constituents about the challenges and opportunities of a Coalition Government and his role as local MP on Friday 17th June 2011.

The meeting is being held at Mullion C P School (opposite Mullion Health Centre) and will commence at 7.30 pm.  It will be Chaired by the Chairman of Mullion Parish Council, Cllr John Lang.

Mr George is delighted to have an opportunity to consult local people about their perceptions, concerns and questions about the UK’s first Coalition Government since the Second World War.  He also hopes local people will want to find out more about the Government’s plans for the future of the NHS; and other policies on which he has helped to force the Government to think again.

Mr George supported the creation of a Coalition Government after the General Election.  He argued that politicians should put petty party tribalism aside and come together in the national interest.  The subsequent decision to enter into a Coalition with the Conservatives was the only feasible outcome after negotiations in early May.

Mr George described the Coalition arrangement as the “least worst option”, but believes that parliamentarians on the Government benches (Liberal Democrats and Conservatives) should speak their minds more often and not to be constrained by Party Whips from properly holding the Government to account.  Mr George continues to campaign in Parliament rather than to accept without question everything that the Coalition Ministers bring forward.

Mr George leads for the Party in Parliament on the environment and rural affairs.  As there is no Liberal Democrat Minister in the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Mr George is deeply involved in its work and has regular meetings with DEFRA Ministers to ensure that the Liberal Democrats are consulted on all aspects of the Department’s work.  Mr George is also an active member of the Health Select Committee.

Mr George has won a reputation of being prepared to speak out on matters of principle.  He has put forward amendments to Government policy and Bills with the intention of improving legislation and seeks to make a constructive contribution to parliamentary debate.  He has been prepared to constructively question Coalition Government policy and to vote against the Government where it affects the poorest in society and where he believes it is to the detriment of the best interests of Cornwall.

As well as leading the Parliamentary campaign against the Government’s Health Bill, Mr George has led campaigns to resist tax increases which he believes would be to the detriment of the poorest, opposed the Parliamentary Act which many fear would promote selective education, led the Parliamentary campaign against Government plans which would undermine the integrity of the Cornish border and has argued against Government plans which he believes will impoverish some of the lowest paid workers who were entitled to housing benefit.