Cerrejón Coal Company Mine, Colombia

Posted on: 9th November 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2396. Motion reads: “That this House expresses concern about the devastating social and environmental impacts of the Cerrejn Coal company’s huge opencast coal mine in Colombia, owned in equal parts by London-listed multinationals Anglo American, BHP Billiton and Xstrata; notes with concern that communities forcibly dispersed before these companies bought the mine have yet to receive justice in the form of adequate compensation or community resettlement; further notes with concern that an agreement to reconstruct the evicted community of Tabaco remains unfulfilled and that communities currently facing involuntary resettlement accuse Cerrejn Coal of inefficiency and injustice in its dealings with them; is concerned that the proposed deviation of the River Rancheria, the main river in La Guajira, for mine expansion, will threaten water security for the region; further notes that some of these communities have formed a federation to seek justice from the company; further notes that the President of this federation has sought the support of British parliamentarians and that unionised mineworkers at Cerrejn fully support this federation; and urges the Government to require the London-listed companies involved to ensure that the federation’s demands are accepted in full by Cerrejn Coal.”