Celebrating creative young local talent with Channel 4

Posted on: 3rd August 2012

Local MP Andrew George attended Channel 4’s ‘4Talent Day’ which was hosted yesterday in partnership with the local community group Treyla at St Paul’s Old School in Penzance.

The ‘4Talent’ scheme offers local young people aged between 16 and 25 the chance to learn about working in the creative sector. The scheme brings together talented, creative youngsters and local creative businesses with the aim of offering advice and, if possible, works placement opportunities. The day also offered hands-on workshops with current professionals which are designed to give young people the chance to develop the techniques and skills they will need for a future career in the creative sector.

Treyla work to use creative and innovative methods to improve the life skills, motivations, and aspirations of the hardest to reach young people in West Cornwall.

Mr George attending the event to show his support for Treyla, and the Channel 4 ‘4Talent’ scheme’s work to help provide opportunities to local creative young people.



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