Caretaker Government must be Plan A for Opposition Parties

Posted on: 7th October 2019

History will not be kind to the collection of opposition Parties and independent MPs if they allow the Cummings/Johnson Government to continue fibbing their way to 31st October.

The parliamentary maths is clear. A majority of MPs want to stop the Conservatives. A vote of no confidence followed by the creation of a caretaker Government (made up of MPs on the opposition benches) is the way to go.

Of course Jeremy Corbyn must be given first shout. After all, he’s the leader of the official opposition. But the phalanx of expelled Tory MPs would never back a Government led by him. So preparations must be made now for a cross Party alternative (including Corbyn). Perhaps led by Margaret Beckett, Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman.

I’m concerned MPs are falling for the Cummings’ trap of being distracted by a preposterous “Deal” and the risk of “No Deal”. And when they’re not, too many are putting tribalism and egos above the national interest. Look at the big picture.