Campaigners become amorous with Fair Trade Valentine

Posted on: 14th February 2012

Campaigners are writing to MPs to encourage them to put pressure on the Government to introduce a Watchdog to stop supermarkets from bullying their suppliers; in the next Queen’s Speech in May if not before.

Andrew George, who chairs the Grocery Market Action Group, has, along with other MPs, received amorous Valentines from campaigners pressing for the introduction of a Supermarket Watchdog.

The campaigners from a Fair Trade charity have sent Mr George a Valentine as follows:

“Dear Andrew George, I’m writing to you

to ask you to make my dream come true.

This Valentine’s Day, please use your powers

(I don’t want chocolates, a card or flowers)

to put the needful procedures in train

to ensure that farmers don’t work in vain

in a market situation that favours the buyer,

too often neglecting the needs of the supplier.

So please act now; don’t delay!

Don’t think my passion will fade away.

I’ve waited so long; don’t tell me “later!”…

Please give me a Grocery Code Adjudicator.”

The Grocery Supply Code was introduced by the Competition Commission in February 2010 and the Government has promised to introduce an “Adjudicator” to referee the application of the Code. The Code has been brought in to address what the Competition Commission identified as practices which act to the detriment both of suppliers and supermarket customers.

Mr George said, “MPs are usually on the receiving end of sentiments which are quite the opposite to amorous Valentines. So it makes quite a nice change! Of course, I completely agree with the sentiments and share their passion!

“With cross party support and a draft Bill in place there is no justification for any further delay.

“Even the supermarkets can’t put the day off any longer. If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear. Campaigners should retain their passion until this important proposal becomes law.”


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