Campaign for housing justice

Posted on: 11th March 2022

This week I launch a Charter for Housing Justice. Amongst other things it calls for:

1. Everyone to have a right to a decent, secure, affordable home;
2. Radically changing the planning and tax systems to put public good before private gain; first homes before second homes; stronger enforcement powers; and third party right of appeal;
3. Set targets to ‘meet housing need’, NOT housebuilding numbers;
4. Introduce new (planning ‘use class’) law to license and limit second, holiday and Airbnb homes, and for Councils to set much higher tax on them;
5. Put housing need above developers’ greed; build “council housing”, and homes protected in perpetuity to meet the needs of the local population and key workers.
6. Improved tenant rights, rewards for good landlords, scrap the “bedroom tax” and introduce new law to prevent any family having to spend more than 25% of their income on housing costs.
7. Reintroduce and enhance sustainable homes standards; and decent space standards.