Calm and rational approach will deliver Scilly’s link

Posted on: 20th May 2011

Originally posted 29/10/09

Commenting on the Council of the Isles of Scilly’s Press Statement of October 29th 2009, local MP, Andrew George said:?? “I welcome the Council’s statement. I must pay tribute to the Council for evidently acknowledging their regret at having initiated a climate of point scoring. I also appreciate that they now acknowledge what I have been telling everyone for weeks – that local decisions about Penzance harbour should be made locally and not in Parliament”. “There is a job of work to be done. If we are to deliver the project, improve the link and secure the public funding then officers responsible must complete their work in objectively assessing the merits of the two options for Penzance harbour. Managing the debate in a calm and rational atmosphere is all that I have asked for and I am pleased that we are at last in agreement on this.” Mr George also reported that he had agreed to postpone his request for a meeting with the Shipping Minister in view of the climate of debate. However, he spoke again to the Regional Minister (Rt. Hon Jim Knight MP) at the weekend and both agree that they should continue to monitor progress over the next month, and if necessary, get together with the Shipping Minister (Paul Clark MP) to discuss any issues on which his ministerial discretion may assist.??Mr George also met Mr Clark on Monday to discuss progress and to reassure him that whilst councillors may have resorted to public name calling, Mr George had confidence in the officers at Cornwall Council approaching their task of reviewing the two options in a professional manner.

“The proposal for a ministerial meeting was largely stimulated by County Council portfolio holder Cllr Hicks at a meeting with Penzance Town Council on 7th September,” said Mr George. “It is interesting that he should choose to go to the media and now denounce the idea and to resort to more name calling. I have in fact spoken to the Shipping Minister and updated him on progress and asked him to overlook the actions of some councillors and have reassured him that the professional team delivering the project are on top of the job!” “Things should become clearer later this month or early December. In the meantime, both ministers are well aware that I remain determined that the Penzance to Scillies ferry link must be secured and public funding must not be lost.”