Bus shelters for airline users…

Posted on: 11th January 2020


Fifteen years ago I recommended that our society should insist on providing “executive airline lounges for bus users and bus shelters for airline users”. It wasn’t the three word and four syllable slogan that apparently works for political campaigns. So the campaign never took on. But the point was made.

Our transport system seems to reward those who use the most polluting and environmentally damaging transport systems and penalise those who endure the most environmental and socially considerate public transport.

So big congratulations to Cornwall Council for making important headway with improving the environmental impact, expanding the range and for reducing the fares and improving the fare paying systems for our loyal local bus service users.

They’ve successfully strong-armed extra money from Government (who’ll no doubt seek to take their credit) and put forward an excellent plan. It’s good to have positive news and to offer credit where it’s due – to our Council and Councillors.