Big welcome for supermarket watchdog – launched today

Posted on: 25th June 2013

St Ives MP Andrew George welcomed “the dawn of a new chapter of fairer dealing from supermarkets and, hopefully, an end to their bully-boy practices” as the powers of a new independent supermarket watchdog come into force today.

The Groceries Code Adjudicator has the power to scrutinise and to expose supermarkets that break fair trade rules when dealing with their smaller suppliers. It will also be empowered to impose fines.

Mr George, who led the Parliamentary campaign for a decade, and who has chaired the national Grocery Market Action Group (GMAG) since 2006, said: “It’s a great day for British industry. It’s been a long campaign. The Competition Commission found that some larger supermarkets had gone beyond clever use of market muscle, to abuse of buyer power.

“But supermarket chiefs should be reassured too. If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.”


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