Big “Green” debate

Posted on: 11th March 2015

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Local MP to Set Agenda for Government

West Cornwall MP and former shadow Liberal Democrat Environment and Climate Change Minister, Andrew George, has called a public meeting to review the impact of public policy on the environment and on climate change as Parliament comes to close.

Mr George will be joined by an expert panel and has invited the public to join him at Penwith College on Friday 27th March, at 7pm, to review Government policy and to identify where a future Government can improve environment, animal welfare and climate change standards.

Mr George will be joined by Baroness Kate Parminter (former Chief Executive CPRE; RSPCA Executive; Chair, Campaign for the Hunted Animal); Prof Rosie Woodroffe (Senior Research Fellow Ecologist at the Zoological Society of London and co-partner with Mr George of the Penwith Badger Vaccination Project) and Dr Nick Tregenza (Marine Biologist and specialist in cetaceans).

Mr George said, “The Prime Minister expressed hope that the Coalition Government would be “the greenest government ever”.  But it soon became clear that the Conservative side of the Coalition didn’t have their heart in it and the Prime Minister himself was exposed as describing green policy targets “green c**p”!

“It is clear, however, that the environment, animal welfare and climate change must be at the heart of Government policy.  That’s why I called this meeting; to both look back and look forward.

“I am pleased that I shall be joined by three well known environmental experts with whom I’ve worked before.  I will certainly value the constructive advice, comments and, perhaps even, criticisms of those who will attend.”