A better idea for Prime Minister’s next visit….

Posted on: 29th January 2015

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has welcomed Tory Prime Minister David Cameron for coming yet again to Cornwall but suggested a better itinerary for him on his next flying visit.

He should start by meeting with families affected by the Tory “Bedroom Tax” and local workers who fear the introduction of the Tory plan to introduce lower “regional pay”.

A rarely used device has been employed by David Cameron and the Conservatives to sabotage Mr George’s Affordable Homes Bill which is currently in its Committee stage.  Mr George has launched a campaign (and petition) to lift this logjam in order to bring his Bill into law and therefore help the thousands of families who are adversely affected by the Tory “Bedroom Tax”.

Mr George said, “It’s a pity David Cameron didn’t let me know he was visiting Cornwall today.  I would have been keen to introduce him to local families badly affected by the ‘Bedroom Tax’.  The Prime Minister should explain to them in person why he was defying the will of Parliament in obstructing my Affordable Homes Bill, and to explain to local workers his party’s plans to introduce lower “regional pay”.

“I would be delighted to welcome Mr Cameron to visit Cornwall again so that he can meet local people with me.”