Bedroom tax – it’s not too late to scrap it

Posted on: 22nd December 2014

Commenting on his campaign to scrap the so-called “bedroom tax”, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, is urging fellow opponents not to give up in the battle to scrap the tax.

Mr George took part in a Commons debate last week.  He had urged the Labour Party to use the opportunity of Parliamentary time to press the Government to bring forward a measure to help him unblock his “Axe the Bedroom Tax” Bill, which has been adjourned at Committee Stage since November.  Mr George expressed regret that Labour chose instead to use valuable Parliamentary time for an inconsequential debate which “would merely re-rehearse the now well established disagreements, but would change nothing”.

Mr George said after the debate, “It’s not too late.  As the already strong campaign grows with thousands of supporters around the country signing the petition, we can put pressure on the Conservatives to grant my Bill the Money Resolution it needs to get it moving in time and to get through both Houses of Parliament before the General Election in May.

“In politics we should work together, where we agree, to help people; not just use Parliament to score points and help no-one.

“I have always voted against the Tory “bedroom tax” – and against the “bedroom tax” in the private rented sector which Labour presided over when they were in Government.  It is unfortunate that Labour misjudged matters last week.  They had a chance to either help people or to merely score party political points.  Unfortunately they chose the latter.  It’s not too late to retrieve this situation before the next General Election.”