“Bedroom Tax” Debate

Posted on: 18th December 2014

Missed opportunity – But it’s not too late to scrap it…

I urged Labour to use its Parliamentary time to help me unblock my “Axe the Bedroom Tax” Bill (adjourned in Committee stage since November). But they chose to have a debate – to re-rehearse disagreements – which would change nothing.

See my amendment: http://pages.citebite.com/d4a0d0r1a0fvx

In politics we should work together, where we agree, to help people; not just use Parliament to score points and help no one.

It’s a regret that Labour badly misjudged this.

I’ve always voted against the Tory “Bedroom Tax” (and against Labour’s “Bedroom Tax” in the private rental sector). But I couldn’t condone yesterday’s misjudgement – so I abstained. My speech in yesterday’s debate is here: http://pages.citebite.com/u4j0c0y0e8ibn


But it’s not too late. Please support my campaign to scrap the “Bedroom Tax” now. Sign this petition today: http://svy.mk/1DOupI0