BBC Parliament documentary exposes how Andrew George’s Bill was halted by wrecking tactics

Posted on: 11th February 2015

Last night’s BBC 2 documentary on the inner workings of Parliament featured local MP, Andrew George, who led the campaign in Parliament to help poor families adversely affected by the so called “Bedroom Tax”.

Despite winning the overwhelming support of MPs the documentary exposed how Mr George’s success was undermined by underhand tactics to sabotage its progress. The Bill remains adjourned at its Committee Stage but Mr George has vowed to continue his campaign to scrap the “Bedroom Tax”, if not before the Election, then afterwards.

Mr George said, “The documentary does well to expose the manner in which some MPs and Parties are prepared to go to any lengths to frustrate democracy and to abuse executive power to overrule the will of Parliament. I remain determined to succeed.

“When the Tories were last in power on their own they introduced rules which subsidised wealthy second home owners.

“So, if you’re wealthy and under-occupy your second home the Tories reward you. If you’re poor and they believe you under-occupy your Council home they penalise you.

“They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this. I won’t let them…”