Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems In Business Premises

Posted on: 22nd November 2011

Andrew George has seconded EDM2464. Motion reads: “That this House is concerned at the risk to firefighters’ lives and safety caused by fires in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as the cost of these fires through the loss of business, jobs and destruction of property and the impact on the environment of water waste, carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants; believes that effective automatic fire protection for industrial and commercial buildings enhances arson prevention and business resilience; recognises the efficacy and value of automatic fire sprinklers for the protection and hence sustainability of both business and buildings; notes that building regulation provisions for automatic fire sprinkler installation in industrial and commercial buildings differ between England and Wales and Scotland and that even so, the vast majority of industrial and commercial buildings in the UK are not required by law to be protected from fire by automatic fire sprinkler systems; and so urges the Government to implement UK-wide measures to incentivise the business community to install automatic fire sprinkler systems into all industrial and commercial buildings.”