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Another Brexit delusion…? – Come to a Public meeting on Friday

Posted on: 30th January 2019

So a small Parliamentary majority including most Conservatives have voted to back a Brexit delusion. Squadrons of pigs did a celebratory Westminster fly past when the result was announced on Tuesday evening.

But perhaps I’m wrong? Perhapsthe Leaders of the other 27 EU nations willmiraculouslycontradict everything they’ve previouslyruled out. Perhaps they’ll put the interests of the UK above their own and choose to damage the integrity of theirestablished and successfulcommon market?

Is this stupidity or cynicism? Is anyone suggesting the Conservatives proposed and backed this fantasy because they really do believe in tooth fairies, easter bunnies and magically removing the Irish backstop?

I suspect this is just deviousness. The Government’s position mayseempreposterous now. But Theresa May would prefer to comes back from Brussels able to blame the EU for its intransigence than to be blamed herself for the failure of the Government’s strategy.

So, beware. Itmay seem like rank cluelessness. But it’s really the dark arts of deep political cynicism.

Where will Brexit go next? Why not come to the Public Meeting I’ve organised this Friday (1stFebruary) 7.30pm at St John’s Hall, Penzance where my special guest is Julie Girling MEP. Julie was expelled by the Conservatives last autumn for displaying signs of rational thinking. I’ll be pleased to share a platform with her.