Andrew George Welcomes Progress of Rural Fuel Duty Pilots.

Posted on: 15th September 2011

Andrew George MP, has welcomed the announcement by Treasury Ministers of important progress that the proposed pilot fuel duty rebate for the Isles of Scilly is one step closer.

The scheme would apply a 5p per litre discount for petrol and diesel. The rebate is designed to support people in communities whose remote rural locations mean that there is little public transport available and the at pump price of fuel is higher than on the mainland as a result of the cost of transporting it to island petrol stations.

Ministers today confirmed that an application made by the Treasury to the European Commission in March this year has now been ‘approved in principle’ and that the legislative proposal required for a change in EU law has now been formally published. The Government must now seek unanimous agreement from Member States and Treasury Ministers signalled their intention to lobby their European counterparts as soon as possible.

Commenting Mr George said:

‘Today’s announcement is welcome news. The Commission’s in principle approval takes us one step closer to fairer fuel prices for the Islands, and hopefully for mainland Cornwall in time.

Treasury Ministers must now finish the job by acting quickly and effectively to secure the agreement of other Member States.’





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