Andrew George Supports “Robin Hood” Tax

Posted on: 6th July 2011

Andrew George MP supports a Robin Hood TaxWest Cornwall MP, Andrew George, supported a backbench amendment to the Finance Bill last night which called upon the Government to review the case for a “Robin Hood” tax on the banks to help alleviate poverty both in the UK and in the developing world.

Many church groups and charities have been calling upon the previous and present Government to introduce such a tax.

Unfortunately, the Government opposed the motion and the Labour Party chose to abstain.

Mr George was one of just 25 MPs – and the only one from the Government benches – to support the call for the Robin Hood tax.

Mr George said: “This was not a particularly radical amendment. All it asked for was that the Government should review ‘the possibility’ of introducing a Robin Hood tax and then report back to Parliament within 6 months.

“It seemed to be a perfectly sensible measure and one which the Government should be proud to associate itself with.”





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