Andrew George MP to take part in “Race for Wildlife” Sunday 7th December

Posted on: 2nd December 2014

Local MP, Andrew George, will take part in the Race for Wildlife 7 mile run organised by Mounts Bay Harriers for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust this coming Sunday, 7th December.

The race commences from Penwith College at 10 am.

Mr George is sponsored by local retailer Seasalt to complete the 7 miles.

Mr George explained, “I don’t think my fellow contestants need worry about my offering them stiff competition! I’m more of a ‘Humble (probably ‘humiliated’) Harrier’.

“I used to have a personal trainer – my dog, Samson, but he died last year! Training hasn’t gone too well since then!

“My understanding was that the race was for ‘wildlife’ and the event is billed as taking in some ‘breathtaking views of Mounts Bay and St Michael’s Mount’. Therefore I thought I should respect this by taking time to stop and study the wildlife and to take in the view as I go around. As I would give most contestants many decades in age (and even more stone in weight!) I just hope that the Stewards will be prepared to hang around long enough to await my finish!

“The Cornwall Wildlife Trust is a great outfit and I was keen to support their work. I’m delighted that Seasalt has been kind enough to risk the reputational damage to their good name of sponsoring my effort!”