Andrew George MP – response to Health Bill amendments

Posted on: 28th February 2012

Commenting on the text of a joint letter sent by Nick Clegg and Baroness Shirley Williams to Lib Dems in the Commons and Lords on the health and social care bill, Andrew George MP said:

“With mounting opposition still growing and minuscule support still ebbing away, we should of course maximise our leverage to achieve more concessions. I congratulate my colleagues in the Lords for working hard to help make this unloved and friendless Bill less bad. There’s clearly more important work to do over the coming weeks.

“Whether it’s good enough to be allowed to pass into law the Commons will never really know because we won’t get another chance to look at the Bill; only a brief and piecemeal look at some of the amendments.

“Of course I hope the Bill won’t turn out to be as destructive of the NHS as most informed opinion predicts it will be. The risk of a health service driven more by concern for private profit than by concern for patient care remains. We’ll have our work cut out to protect the NHS from this legislation.

“I hope those in the Party who have been so keen to castigate me for my critique and opposition to this Bill for the past 18 months will at the very least accept that had I (and others) merely parroted the vacuous mantra we were given to justify it, they would not be enjoying the reflected glory of now being cast as the saviours of this situation. That everyone under the sun is thanked by name for their efforts, with the exception of yours truly, suggests that I must have hit the mark spot on…”