Andrew George MP: ‘Petition Will Add Pressure on Government’s Health Policy’

Posted on: 10th June 2011

Andrew George MPThe MP for the West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly constituency of St Ives, Andrew George, pressed home the advantage of seeking the scrapping of the Government’s health policy when he presented a petition from 6,000 local residents in Parliament on Wednesday. (EDIT: the text from the delivery of the petition can now be found here)

The petition calls for the scrapping of the Government’s Health and Social Care Bill which has strong local opposition because of the anticipated impact on the management of local health services and the impact which private companies would have on core NHS services.

Mr George has led the campaign from the Liberal Democrat benches against the Government’s health reforms since they were first announced in July last year.

Mr George said: “The Prime Minister’s remarks yesterday amounted to a step in the right direction. We wait to see the colour of the Government’s money. Proposals will emerge after the Cabinet receives the report of the Future Forum which has overseen the “listening exercise” next Monday.

“The Liberal Democrats can take credit for the progress made. Campaigners have forced the issue and I congratulate the Deputy Prime Minister on his negotiating skills.

“It is clear that if the Tories had had outright power we would now be witnessing the forcing through of these reforms, irrespective of public opposition.

“If the Government changes its policy as indicated by the Prime Minister then we are really looking at a completely new Bill. Providing they are scrapping the old one, this looks like an important step forward.”

Mr George has also been given the electronic records of a national campaign petition which has attracted over 300,000 signatures.