Andrew George challenges Government plan to abolish protections for farm workers

Posted on: 26th October 2011

Local MP, Andrew George, rebelled against the Government last night over its plans to remove the protections which have been in place since 1948 for farm workers.

Mr George proposed amendments to the Government’s Public Bodies Bill which, amongst other things, paves the way for the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board.

The Government believes that with the existence of a National Minimum Wage, there is no longer any need for the Board, but Mr George pointed out that the Board sets the levels for 6 grades of salary as well as hard won terms which include holiday entitlements, sick pay, on call retainer pay, a dog allowance and protections for those who live in tied cottages.

For more information, Mr George’s contribution to the debate on the Wages Board can be found using the following website link;

Mr George voted against the Government.


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