Andrew George Calls for Galvanised Action to Protect Remploy Jobs Locally

Posted on: 5th August 2011

Remploy PZFollowing his visit to the Remploy factory at Long Rock this week, local MP, Andrew George has called on local councils and the community to galvanise themselves to protect job opportunities for the disabled. Mr George visited the factory yesterday. He has championed the interests of Remploy over the years. He had successfully campaigned to protect the factory at the last review, just four years ago, when Remploy factories in Plymouth and Redruth were closed, but Penzance remained open. Penzance is now the only Remploy factory west of Bristol.

Currently, the Government are consulting on proposals to close all Remploy factories and to divert the £63 million national annual investment to other schemes.

Mr George was also joined by local councillors, Cllr Mario Fonk and Cllr Irene Bailey, when he met the site manager, Anthony Curnow, team leaders and staff to discuss the current threat.

Mr George said, “The Government seems determined to end its relationship with Remploy. This will result in factory closures. Remploy was created after the 2nd World War to help injured service men and women back into work.

We now need to persuade the Government, before the end of the consultation period in mid October, that our local factory provides an important stepping stone for disabled people who are seeking a job in the open market. Remploy has for decades provided a supported environment for disabled people. I am certain that it can provide an important role for disabled people in the future.

“I hope that Cornwall Council and the local community will support the case to retain this factory and to ensure that it provides one of a number of options for disabled people who would otherwise find it difficult to secure a job.

“We heard the other day a Conservative MP say that the answer is to pay disabled people less than the minimum wage. So we know we’ve got a fight on our hands and we will have to make a strong case to turn this one around,” said Mr George.