Andrew George: All set for big Public Meeting on Government Health Bill…..except for the Government

Posted on: 31st August 2011

Local MP, Andrew George, has confirmed that everything is ready and prepared for a big public debate this evening on the future of the Government’s Health and Social Care Bill which will commence its final debate in the House of Commons this time next week. Speakers will include:

Dr Mark McCartney – GP representative of the British Medical Association and who practices at the Pensilva Health Centre in East Cornwall;

Dr Colin Phillip – GP at the Stennack Surgery in St Ives who is leading the arrangements for a new clinical commissioning group which will be set up under the Health Bill;

Stuart Bonar – on behalf of the Royal College of Midwives.

However, in spite of early invitations to the Health Secretary, Rt. Hon Andrew Lansley MP, the Government will not be sending any spokesperson to defend the Health Bill. Mr George will circulate a copy of a most recent letter he has received from the Health Secretary defending the Government’s plans.

Mr George also invited the Prime Minister to the meeting after his remarks last week which disagreed with Mr George, when Mr Cameron claimed that “the whole health profession is on board”.

Mr George said, “It is a great pity that the Government will not send anyone to defend its policy. There are very few, if any, other public debates on the Bill at this moment. I would have thought that someone could be found. I have contacted local Conservatives to invite them to join me on the platform if they wish.”





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