Amendment Of The Rome Statute Of The International Criminal Court

Posted on: 10th January 2012

Andrew George has seconded EDM2472. Motion reads: “That this House notes the amendment to the 1998 Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court (ICC) adopted on 12 June 2010 in Kampala defining the Crime of Aggression; further notes that theUK was party to the adoption of this amendment by the unanimous consensus of all states parties there present; welcomes the opportunity that this internationally agreed definition now provides for Parliament to amend the International Criminal Court Act 2001 in such a way as to incorporate that crime and its agreed definition into domestic criminal law thus making it clear that the UK now recognises the importance of upholding this supreme rule of international criminal law; further notes that this measure can be carried out independently of the future activation of the exercise of jurisdiction by the ICC itself with respect to this crime and the resolution of any difference of view as regards the role of the UN Security Council in initiating such proceedings before that court; and therefore urges the Government to bring an appropriate amendment to the ICC Act 2001 before this House with all deliberate speed in order that the Crime of Aggression is made justiciable before the UK criminal courts.”