All in West Cornwall are mighty proud of Penzance golden girl Helen Glover

Posted on: 1st August 2012

Following numerous requests for his comment on the fantastic news that Penzance girl Helen Glover was the first British athlete to bring home an Olympic gold medal for Team GB, local MP Andrew George said:

“Both Helen Glover and Heather Stanning were outstanding, dominating as they did from the start.

“Everyone in west Cornwall had confidence in Helen. But, after previous dashed hopes for Team GB, I began to fear that we had become jinxed! It was a great relief and I became caught up in the emotion and relief of the victory; no doubt like many others.

“The Glover family are well known and admired locally. I remember Helen and her twin brother Nathan (who came to work in my office for a while two years ago) when they were youngsters. Helen’s victory will be universally celebrated in the Penzance area.”



Image credit : BBC



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