A Watchdog Could Help the Supermarket “good guys”

Posted on: 5th July 2011

Commenting on the feature article in The Observer at the weekend in which he was quoted, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, who also chairs the influential Grocery Market Action Group, said that the Government’s proposed Supermarket Watchdog (Adjudicator) could be beefed up to offer awards to those supermarkets which treat their farmers, growers and other suppliers best.

Read The Observer article here

Mr George said, “If the supermarkets have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear from the creation of this Watchdog.

“Indeed, they should embrace the proposal if they are so confident that they treat their suppliers well. Instead of resisting it, supermarkets should encourage the Adjudicator to produce an annual report with awards for those supermarkets who do not bully, use underhand or unfair trading practices. Customers like to be reassured that when they enter a supermarket they are not unintentionally supporting the bully boy tactics that some of them use to milk excessive profits from their suppliers.”