A Programme for Cornwall

Posted on: 18th May 2011

This article was originally posted on 17/05/2010


Cornwall is justified in making a case to Government for priority treatment, fair funding and more decision-making powers.


Green Peninsula Cornwall wants to become a leader for green policy, at cutting edge green technology and the test bed for new green investments. This should include: renewable energy; waste reduction strategy (including a review of the incinerator); green transport.

Cornish Assembly Cornwall deserves more power, to take on the functions of: Regional Development Agency; Planning, especially Regional Spatial Strategy; Health; followed by policing, environment, careers, jobs

Housing Action Plan Local working families are losing out. Cornwall must secure the delegated authority to resolve the Cornish housing crisis including: control on second homes, – new planning and tax controls; drop the 70,000 houses for Cornwall (in the Regional Spatial Strategy); more affordable and less unaffordable housing.

Funding formula review Fair funding for Cornish public services: for Cornish schools and Council under the Government’s review of Local Government Finance; accelerate achievement of health funding target (currently £56 million per annum under target).

Driving the economy Make sure that Cornwall’s Regional Aid creates a lasting legacy: green jobs; super fast broadband; planning controls on out-of-town retail; bigger and independent University of Cornwall.

Cornish culture Promote Cornish distinctiveness: stadium for Cornwall; enhanced recognition of Cornish culture and institutions.

Minister for Cornwall Promised (along with 46 other local Ministers) by the Conservatives before the General Election. Cornwall needs more power, rather than a Governor sitting in Whitehall.

Andrew George MP, Stephen Gilbert MP, Dan Rogerson MP 17th May 2010