North Shropshire – Electors finally rumble Johnson

Posted on: 17th December 2021

The stunning N Shropshire byelection victory brings with it a message of hope. Hope for our NHS, which deserves real support rather than photo-calls and empty promises. Hope for those desperate for a secure home. Hope for Covid policy led by science rather than public relations. And hope for our children’s future as the climate emergency will needs action rather than grandstanding. No Tory seat is safe now.

Even taking into account the exceptional nature of by-elections, it’s clear the electorate has finally rumbled the Johnsonian Tories. When the mask slips we see a “one-rule-for-us-&-another-for-the-rest-of-you” mutually reinforcing elite who take the country for fools.

The value-free standards of this PM – who self-evidently believes in little apart from himself – merely reveals his agreeable-sounding “levelling-up” and “build-back-better” headline-chasing, sloganizing government as little more than a hollow public relations exercise.

Johnson can now only respond with yet more of his fabled thespian insincerity. I can’t see a plausible way forward for this lame duck PM.