Health Bill has no friends. Dignified withdrawal would be best

Posted on: 20th February 2012

Health Select Committee member and Liberal Democrat MP, Andrew George, will call upon the Health Secretary to withdraw the unpopular Health and Social Care Bill.

Mr George has been a consistent critic of the Bill. He urged the PM to withdraw the Bill and go back to the original Coalition Agreement on 18th January this year.

Commenting on today’s ‘Summit’ of selected health bodies at 10 Downing Street, Mr George said:

“If the intention of today’s Summit is to draw attention to just how pitifully unloved and friendless the Health Bill now is amongst clinicians and patient groups, then this is a very good way of going about it.

“My concern and opposition about this Bill and the ill-advised greatest reorganisation in the history of the NHS at the very time it needs stability and certainty, has been consistent throughout. I still believe that the Government could still win respect and support if it were to withdraw the Bill.

“Although it is much more difficult to achieve a dignified withdrawal at this stage, I still believe it is possible; advisable for the Government and essential for the survival of the NHS.”


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