George delegation to discuss offshore breakwater and rail investment bid with Government Ministers

Posted on: 24th June 2014

A delegation led by West Cornwall MP, Andrew George will meet with Minister for Transport, Baroness Kramer and Environment Minister, Dan Rogerson MP at The Department of Transport today to seek Government support for an offshore breakwater and also for a new Train Care Centre in Penzance.

Mr George will be joined by Jonathan Burnett, Chairman of the Penzance Harbour and Seafront Working Group; David Owens, Assistant Head of Environment and Waste Management, Cornwall Council, and Councillor David Nebesnuick, Mayor of Penzance. Councillor Jim McKenna is also a Member of the Penzance Harbour Seafront Working Party but is unable to attend the meeting.

An offshore breakwater for Penzance is a crucial first step to securing the coastal defence and economic regeneration opportunities which Penzance needs.

Mr George said, “Although there was already strong support for an offshore breakwater following meetings I had called before the winter storms, the impact of the February storms on Penzance has reinforced the case for the project. We now need a firm commitment from the Government that they will back the necessary first phase; a report to look at the options, challenges and the business case for the project”.

Mr George will also ask the Transport Minister about plans which Mr George has been pushing for many months – for major investment in rail infrastructure, including plans for a new Train Care Centre in Penzance.

Mr George said, “The least the Government can do is give Cornwall even a fraction of the multi billion pound transport investment going into wealthy London and the South East. With £18 billion for Crossrail through London and another £50 billion for HS2 from London to the North, the Government cannot ignore the need for improved rail infrastructure on mainline rail services to Penzance and for additional rail service provisions such as a new Train Care Centre in Penzance.

“These are two separate but equally important issues that need to be resolved for the benefit of Penzance. Penzance deserves Government funds to support a project to protect its seafront. Also, Ministers cannot  ignore this golden opportunity to create critically important jobs and infrastructure at a new Train Care Centre in Penzance.

“I have been involved in many discussions over many months to push forward both of these issues forward. We now have an important opportunity to reinforce my message to the Transport and Environment Ministers today. We now need the Government to get fully behind these projects and support the investment necessary to bring them to fruition.”