George Calls for Reassurance on Regional Pay

Posted on: 13th January 2015

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, has called on all parties to confirm that they will not adopt plans for lower regional pay after the next general election.  Mr George believes this would be to the detriment of workers in Cornwall.  Andrew George has successfully campaigned for the Tory party’s plan to introduce lower “regional pay” to be scrapped but is calling on all parties, including the Conservatives, to guarantee that they will not introduce lower regional pay in the future.

Mr George invited Conservative Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, Matthew Hancock MP, to visit his constituency in the hope that the matter could be discussed.  However, the Minister recently visited the West Cornwall constituency but avoided meeting Mr George.   Andrew George has warned that the introduction of regional pay could undermine efforts to improve jobs, the local economy and could increase dependency on benefits.

Mr George said, “Conservative plans to introduce regional pay could slash Cornish public sector pay by ten percent.  These plans would see Cornish nurses and teachers paid less than those in the wealthy south east for doing the same job even though the cost of living here is just as high!

“My real fear is that Tories could revive these plans, resulting in further economic pressures on local workers.